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I recently learned a really cool fact about old farm tables. When I bought a particularly old farm table the elderly gentleman, whom I purchased it from, gave me a history lesson in pest controll. Yep! Pest control.

dinning-table-traditional foot-table-leg
I was debating on weather to buy this particular farm table because the legs were some what rotted. He explained to me that when the family ate breakfast they would usually make enough biscuits  and other items  to have for lunch and they would be left on the table to be eaten when they came in from the feilds for lunch. To prevent ants from getting on the table they would place jars or cans under each leg of the table with a bit of sugar and water in them and when the ants got to the water they would drown. This prevented mom from having to make biscuits several times a day and saved time when they came in for lunch. However over time the legs would begin to decay and this is why you often find very old farm tables are shorter than today's table  because they would often just cut off the bad part and continue to use the table. Or maybe the legs are not in great shape this is a tale tale sign that the table is truely and oldy but goody. And I Bet ya didn't know that.

Bet ya didn't know furniture can get married...  No, not really...  But, when you find a piece of furniture, maybe a hooiser cabinet, and the base doesn't exactly look like the top, it might just be a base from one cabinet and the top to another. Sometimes sets of furniture lose their mates somewhere along the way.  When you have two lonely pieces that are still good and functional...  They deserve a second chance at life.  So, in the Antique business we marry them together and create a new life for them. 

antiques-georgia-315711 antiques-georgia-315912

Like this table top and this sewing machine base...

If you run across this it might be a good negotiating point for you. Usually the dealer will have it priced based on this fact but ya may earn yourself another 10% off if you ask.

Our first fun fact involves Blue Ridge Pottery. Blue Ridge pottery began during the depression in Erwin Tenn. and continued to manufacture affordable  hand painted dishes thru the 1950's. Each piece was hand painted by mountain women who were recruited and taught the art of basic folk painting.  Most people who enjoy Blue Ridge Pottery already know these facts.

antiques-georgia-313501 antiques-georgia-313602

But I bet ya didn't know that many these artist would leave their special mark on the world by intergrating their initials somewhere in the design. So a fun way to collect Blue Ridge may not be to collect a certain pattern or style but look for pieces with your own initials in it. Next time you are wandering thru an antiques store and you spot that vibrant piece of Blue Ridge Pottery, look closely, is that your family initials woven into that design?